Friday, 13 October 2017

Natty knitters

Well day two of this blog spot and another wonderful idea that came to me as a way to engage our seekers. Let's get them knitting. Nothing complex , just small squares in our lovely wool from our very own alpacas 

and processed just 10 minutes away at Curlew Weavers
Roger and his passion made such wonderful yarn , all natural and a joy to work with.

Imagine ,  I thought ,  if all seekers were to make a small square each , not taxing at all and really beautiful. We can sew each square to make a Seekers Own Shawl (SOS) save our souls , save our sanity , save our self, oh the thoughts just tumbled in . Imagine this glorious shawl wrapping around each seeker with all the love poured in it .

So I set about making the first one . Simple and joyful to make , they will be sewn together binding us all in a rich sense of healing on all levels . Always lovely to look at something crafted by yourself , simple though it may be it gives a wonderful sense of achievement . Yep it's a definite option as a craft therapy . After all we have rather a lot well over a hundred balls . Now where did I leave the knitting needles......just  here 

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