Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Dowsing and drawings

Has a week really passed since the last blog ???

Things have been happening here , changes all around .
After the dowsing we have the drawing or sketch of the visioned sound peace chamber . We are now having the full plans drawn .Fred has been back again and things are moving along . We have decided to go into the bank more and having had another chance to dowse all seems in alignment .
We are so happy with the design and to offer our ideas for suggested materials , the Willow and Hazel  are to be included as they are mine and Ali's Celtic trees . Naturally we will change things if required, though currently all is looking possible and probable. We have had the confirmation from building control today , always good when these are confirmed . As if to say yes to it all the daffodils and primroses are starting to open around the site of this new building gracing it with their beauty .

Our recent trip to New Zealand and the  Hobbiton film set ,is coming here to Wales. Well sort of !
Oh my , now just to create the required funding ............ It's all on its way that we feel sure .

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The Round House

Well yesterday Fred came to talk about our new project . So much has happened in such a short while . I was left feeling so inspired . I doused to check the place  and alignments . Realised it would be wonderful to be able to have the canvas labyrinth held within the space at certain times .

Where the door would be , how many windows , all these things were shown to me as though the building was already finished .
The most important thing was the earth floor , it has to be Earth that we can stand on our mother barefoot and feel rooted and safe .Held by the trees around the side of the bank , within earshot of the stream , and just by the sacred grove .
Ideas about trying to use some of our alpaca fibre for insulation within the walls , it feels like the creation of something very special indeed . 

Lovely Venus who passed last year will be within the walls whilst the rest of the herd within hearing distance , their unique hum such a comforting vibe .

Monday, 15 January 2018

Nearly completed ......

So today has been extremely full so far . Our seeker is enjoying her stay , and the lessons that her time in reflection are bringing , though painful  at times ,  seem oh so rewarding . We just enjoy watching the unfolding , renewing our beliefs in why we do what we do here . So much so that just as the last two projects come to fruition , the next visions already present themselves and the people who we needed to help them come about have also as if by magic revealed themselves too.

So some pictures of the very nearly completed room at the back of Sunflower ready just in time for our recovery retreat at the end of the month .

The new visions ......... well a Celtic round house the main one , with some ideas for  a re-jig of our smallest cottage that would be set aside for seekers , and a lovely big porch on our wheelchair friendly three bedroom cottage . Sounds a lot !  Oh not for the feint hearted , dreaming big has paid me so many dividends in so many ways , so why not make these visions manifest . Timing well that's the key for me not to place a time on , just believe ,it will be so.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Our latest arrival

Our latest seeker has arrived , the first of this new year . Though we have known her a good few years now , she has come fully surrendered ready to unfold the new findings within her , I always love this , the sacred touching of the soul , bursting forth with such beauty .
Already the magic has begun , and her joy,  whilst through some tears is becoming evident . I love tears they are such beautiful blessings they flow freely when we allow them and cleanse and soothe like a watery balm .
The new picture hung on the wall in my healing room keeping watch whilst this unfolding occurred . The art work Ali's , the framing of it , a gift from another dear friend .

Oh my , I wouldn't change my world today , what I do though is try and open more freely to all that is given to me on a daily basis even the more challenging parts of the day . That today was Marthas disappearance on our walk .

 A worry if she wanders off where there are pregnant ewes . Not the case though just a scent in the woods she seemed unable to resist , also the loss of our male goose Bert less than a fortnight after we lost his wife , not sure if it's a fox 🦊 or a dog , upsetting none the less , we will have to pen them at night if we choose to have more .

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Today's gifts

Well funny thing gifts ...... having just been through Christmas , a traditional time when people share gifts,  (neither myself or Ali brought each other a gift to open in the traditional sense ) yet another has come my way .
A real treasure that I had given some thought about last year and it turned up yesterday . I didn't order it in the regular way , but it showed up none the less.

A new gong that whilst not the most ascetically pleasing has a sound that rings true to me . Touching parts deep in my soul. It found me when I was ready to receive it . Like all gifts if we are ready to receive them they will bring us many blessings on many levels , some that may not even seem like blessings at the time , yet really they are .

Trying always to see life's pathway with all its bends and bumps in the road as a gift is  a practice I try to live by , not always easy though oh so worth while .
My gift to you all today a few moments of the deep sounds of  this Paiste sound creation earth 🌏 gong . May it touch you too.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Gifts of all kinds

So today I took my new walking aid for the first time to Penbryn . Walking aid , stick , staff it is oh so much more than that . It is already a delightful friend . I received it yesterday , a present from a human friend . Though really I received its essence a long time ago . 

It has a natural Phoenix / thunderbird feature in its top such as I have never seen before , yet I know this creature well , it resides in my very depths and has guided me through the darkest of times to rise again having had any residue debris from past hurts burnt fully out , that I can emerge forth and reclaim my new beginnings .

She is indeed a beauty , I feel so honoured , that she has found me , and that Cheryl realised after all the work she put in whittling , rubbing down , polishing and varnishing where her new beginning was to be .
As if all of that is not enough for one day , another new friend will arrive later though you will have to wait until tomorrow to hear about that.
Friends come in all shapes and sizes , any many dimensions of the mystical kind too.

Monday, 1 January 2018

New year new beginnings

Ok so here's my commitment to myself , this blog,  and our new venture Gwenhwyfar Garden, no excuses but the truth is I have found it a little difficult getting back into a routine since our trip .
Didn't help coming home on top of Christmas and still workers on site finishing things off, not what we had anticipated. However the good news is the work is now nearly finished , the rebuilt cottage well and truly road tested by my eldest son , his wife and baby son, all little niggles have come to the surface and we can get those sorted . 

The new conservatory on the back of Sunflower will now hopefully be finished within a fortnight . Progress indeed . So the practical side of things are getting sorted . I will make sure to devote some time each week to the blog and keep you updated, not necessarily daily but blog I will ! 

I have got  back to doing some sound healings  and gong baths with another scheduled  for tonight .We had some guests request one this morning which I have not long finished , so hopefully that is paving the way of things to come in this new year . Certainly it has been my intention all along that the guests who come will embrace our way of life .
Tonight's gong bath will focus on  the full moon which was so clear in the sky last night .

We will go down to Mwnt beach later where Marc Treanor will be making another wonderful sand circle .
It really is amazing what the universe sends us here . We just wait knowing in our hearts that all is well.

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