Monday, 23 October 2017

Preparation and transformation

After some delays brought by the weather , preperation for the extra space at the back of Sunflower has begun in earnest . The base is now complete and the steel posts that will strengthen the sides are planned to go up later in the week .

The vision for this extra room first came to me last year . Like all the wonderful ideas for the development of Gwenhwyfar Garden they evolve over time transforming what we're once merely thoughts , to actual buildings, courses , retreats and workshops  and different opportunities to offer healing .

The extra space coming together this time will provide extra room for various activities , primarily I see it as a crafting room . Always lovely to be able to be snug and warm inside,  if the weather is not so good , whilst the beauty of the outside can still be fully appreciated .
This room will look directly over the dove cote , and down to the chapel and woodland walkway . 

Hopefully you will be able to hear the sound of the stream always a comforting sound I find .

Enough stimulation to enspire and encourage the creative fire in each of us .

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