Monday, 30 October 2017

Home again

We arrived home last night and are gradually settling into the rhythm here again , after a very busy morning . It started with us getting to the beach just after 7am with the dogs . 

A beautiful morning and a beautiful afternoon now. We have been busy with general cleaning after a family gathering here which used all the cottages and additional spaces we have . Lots to clean ........

The work is well underway on the new crafting room, and I have been busy returning the gong studio back to its normal self after our guests at the weekend used it for the family gathering.

I have had an email this morning from our first seeker who is due to arrive mid morning tomorrow . It should be a great time for her the weather is looking to hold out and remain dry .

So really it's a very practical day here today and nice getting things back in order , finding the sacred in the mundane .

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Short and sweet

A brief little note this morning our second night away from the farm and an extra hour to rest and rejuvenate , before heading to the second day of my course . I am enjoying it very much .

We have had an update from home and all is well there .
The timing of this weekend couldn't have been more appropriate , what I am learning will be useful with our first seeker to Gwenhwyfar Garden who arrives Tuesday . Naturally I didn't realise any of that when I booked this course way back at the beginning of the summer , so it's always reassuring that if I follow my heart felt desires it all seems to weave together without too much effort . That said we do not seem to be able to load the pictures to the blog whilst away , so just little short and sweet notes until tomorrow , when we can add some we have taken whilst away , and the new parts of building work at the farm we are looking forward to seeing when we return .

New Horizons

Keeping it brief today.... we arrived safe and well  at our destination , after a good nights sleep and a hearty breakfast we are going to set off to explore a little of our new surroundings before our course starts at 10.30.  not heard anything from the caretaker at  the farm so we guess all is well there . 

Friday, 27 October 2017

Sunrise a new day .

What a beautiful morning up before the sun showed its full beauty over the horizon .

Back from the beach and we have several things to do before we can head off for Dorset where I will be attending the final weekend of my soul midwife training . I love to keep exploring and learning new things .
We will leave the farm in safe hands and return Sunday night. Hopefully then we will have the hard standing for the pigs finished,  some more of the new craft room up , and the tiling in the bathroom of Willow complete.

Changing seasons , cycles, sunrises 🌅 and sunsets.

Seems like it's busy here , though that's not how it feels most of the time . We have a slower pace of life , though changes often bring a different pace ,and it's lovely to see our tradesmen's passion going into the new buildings , and remoulding of the old ones .

Today though for us it is really about a journey over the bridge to England .... another land .
We leave behind the magic of here to explore new places , and new faces , bringing back some of the magic we find in those to inject new ideas here . 
Sunrise and sunsets that bring new beginnings and endings , that together make beauty from the broken, and break the beauty of the day into the sunset and the dark of the night.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Silhouettes and shadows .

Left early for the beach this morning . Lots of tradesmen due on site today, to get on with the new craft room and the finishing of Willow cottage so we needed to make sure we were back before they set to with their work and plans for the day.
It was still dark as we stepped on to Penbryn , not that the dogs minded.

 Treading more carefully however, were Ali and I . The tide was a long way out . Lovely to see the silhouettes and outlines of rocks and the large boulders . Looking up we could see the tree line at the edge of the cliff as the daylight grew.

Light and shade they make such wonderful blends . As the daylight grew and we turned back along the beach , the outflowing stream was more apparent , did we really step through that in the half light? wow looks a lot more challenging in full light. However we made it through with no real difficulties.

Got me wondering about our seekers and the truth of our own perceptions.
Darkness can appear , and feel menacing , although it need not , after all it's just the other side of light, and together this morning they made such beauty for us to perceive .

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Ruffled feathers and solid stones .

Lovely bright day today and so mild .
What a wonderful circle of feathers and stones somebody has left on the beach for us to discover .

I love stone circles and feathers , so to see them together I was really happy . We build circles here at Gwenhwyfar Garden ....... stone ones we enter in and hold our ceremonies , human ones we tell our stories in , then some just ornamental like the one I found on the beach today . 
Felt like the result of children playing and exploring with their imagination.
It's what I love encouraging the seekers here to do , explore ......

We also have lots of feathers around and about . Often the doves leave them for us to find , I always allow myself to see them as left by angels as a sign and gift that we are loved and held in safe arms .

Much more in the realm of the fully seen here today , Ali managed to get all the ducks on the big pond together for the first time , and ruffled feathers were a plenty . They are loving it , and able to explore new parts of the farm and garden and hopefully new parts of themselves .

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Misty, moody , morning of mindfulness. Mmmmmmmm.....

The mornings are slower to light up at the moment , and so mindful that the woods may be a little dark I decided to do our walk the otherway around today . We headed straight to the beach . The mist hovered all around and the sea , still moody was crashing itself on the newly arranged shore.

The dogs didn't mind at all ,as soon as I mentioned time for the woods off the beach they ran and on to the steps and in to the woods.

Returning home and Ali and I had breakfast along with making our plans for the day.
Routine and structure important and necessary. It will be so when our seekers arrive .
Though there are so many different things to do each day the outline routine remains the same. Timings are key . There will be some adjustments around timings this weekend when the clocks go back , and whilst we gain an hours sleep the dogs don't always adjust so readily ! 
The other field animals here seem to just fall into the new rhythm no problem at all.

We feel sure it will be that way with our seekers who we hope will simply fall into the rhythm here . After all Gwenhwyfar Garden has a timescale that is of a different place .
Kairos time the time of the soul .

Monday, 23 October 2017

Preparation and transformation

After some delays brought by the weather , preperation for the extra space at the back of Sunflower has begun in earnest . The base is now complete and the steel posts that will strengthen the sides are planned to go up later in the week .

The vision for this extra room first came to me last year . Like all the wonderful ideas for the development of Gwenhwyfar Garden they evolve over time transforming what we're once merely thoughts , to actual buildings, courses , retreats and workshops  and different opportunities to offer healing .

The extra space coming together this time will provide extra room for various activities , primarily I see it as a crafting room . Always lovely to be able to be snug and warm inside,  if the weather is not so good , whilst the beauty of the outside can still be fully appreciated .
This room will look directly over the dove cote , and down to the chapel and woodland walkway . 

Hopefully you will be able to hear the sound of the stream always a comforting sound I find .

Enough stimulation to enspire and encourage the creative fire in each of us .

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Close encounters of stars, seals , and meteor showers.

What delights happen right above our heads here at Gwenhwyfar Garden . Last nights sky alive with stars and meteors .A lot to see after the wild weather throughout the day and into the night.

As the dawn broke and the wind finally decided to settle a little , we headed for the beach . I do hope our seekers will feel drawn to join us for this daily start to our day.
On through the woods no more fallen trees to add to Ophelia wreckage , it didn't even feel that blustery cwtched down within the shelter of the hill and banks of the stream.

That all changed as we came out onto the beach.
Wow huge breakers crashing on the shore,foam , and spray a plenty.
The dogs taking great delight and adding to the wild energy all around . 

Dylan wandered up the beach alone . What had he encountered I was a long way off and quickly walked towards him. There he was nose to nose with a young seal pup . He was reluctant to come away ,though did eventually having caused no harm . The young seal turned and headed back into the crashing waves . Rather it than me !

Coming back to the farm Ali and I talked about what we had just had the privilege of witnessing. Never mind the spectacular display through the night.
It's not even 8.30 in the morning yet , we will have to ensure we pace the days for our seekers .
Still it won't be every day or night  such encounters occur !
The magic and natural beauty in and around us here at Gwenhwyfar Garden unfolds at its own pace we merely participate  and get the chance to witness the ever changing scenery . I feel sure all who come will get into the natural rhythm here with ease .

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Building blocks

Well the wind is wild the rain not so heavy , enough to leave our morning trip to the beach off the agenda today.
We are due to see the builders who were hoping to lay the base for the pigs hard standing ( we have recycled that from the patio at the back of Sunflower ) 

and then the base for the porch at the back of Sunflower . 

Now that is a funny thing ...... if we call it a porch and it's not over a certain size it requires no planning permission , however same size and called a conservatory it requires planning ?? Not sure I really understand ,but we will call it a porch and that suits us just fine.

So that spun a train of thoughts in me about labels and what they can generate in others , emotions of extremes just from a word , crazy to me . As a sound healer and deep feeler , who really has travelled extremes, I much prefer to just get to understand things from a sense of knowing that does not include a label .

I will love the porch no less than were it called a conservatory , after all it will be built with care and great skill by our builders. I shall fill it with furniture and the like that I will lovingly chose maybe up cycle etc . Does love need a label it's a feeling surely !

The extra space will be filled with lots of love and companionship.We have already taken next years first booking for Sunflower . Our bee keepers are having their summer garden party here , how beautiful gives me a real buzzzzz...........

Friday, 20 October 2017

Broken branches , fallen trees , foam and spray.

Oh my , what raw beauty and sheer delight at being in this ever changing landscape that surrounds us.
Evident today that there is another storm on its way. The fallen trees and broken branches in the woods are the result of the last one just days ago.

The foam and spray on the beach clear signs of the next one that is due to vent its full fury tomorrow and into Sunday.

To stand on the beach with the wind blowing in my face today was bliss and the dogs were simply happy to chase the foam side-stepping the incoming waves , which I narrowly missed getting my boots full of.

Not sure we will make the walk tomorrow if we get what has been forecast . Wise woman that I consider myself to be I will stay warm and cosy and finish knitting Kaspers (my first grandchilds ) Aran jacket. It's been a delight to make this last week when the weather has kept me inside . I realised this Aran is for the forth generation of men in my family I have made Arans for . This one though is extra special the yarn being from our alpacas and processed just a few miles from us .

As if all of these wonderful gifts are not enough , we have been blessed with a booking for our second seeker who will arrive in just over a week .

Broken branches and  fallen trees ,  the sea spray and sea foam , our seekers and guides ,  all weave  together around the landscape of our lives , bringing new meaning and perspective that colour and enrich in the most beautiful ways .

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Taking shape

So after the usual dog walk ,

we arrived back to the kitchen floor tiling finished in Willow , our former Campion cottage that burnt out in May this year.

Looking very lovely and now it will be ready for the kitchen fitters to work their magic next week.
Taking shape and reforming from the burnt out shell that the fire spirits left us in May.

The whole time since the fire I have been remoulding and reforming into my new shape . I have learnt so much from the event and subsequent rebuilding project .

Life is just that , we have each day to rebuild and reshape ourselves from what ever comes our way . Important that we have firm foundations and a bedrock or well tiled floor ! that can withstand that which nature sends us.

I have just had a call from my brother who may now not come to visit us this weekend , it seems we have more heavy weather coming . A wise choice I feel . Weather or wether that which we seem to have no control over and that which we do.

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