Sunday, 22 October 2017

Close encounters of stars, seals , and meteor showers.

What delights happen right above our heads here at Gwenhwyfar Garden . Last nights sky alive with stars and meteors .A lot to see after the wild weather throughout the day and into the night.

As the dawn broke and the wind finally decided to settle a little , we headed for the beach . I do hope our seekers will feel drawn to join us for this daily start to our day.
On through the woods no more fallen trees to add to Ophelia wreckage , it didn't even feel that blustery cwtched down within the shelter of the hill and banks of the stream.

That all changed as we came out onto the beach.
Wow huge breakers crashing on the shore,foam , and spray a plenty.
The dogs taking great delight and adding to the wild energy all around . 

Dylan wandered up the beach alone . What had he encountered I was a long way off and quickly walked towards him. There he was nose to nose with a young seal pup . He was reluctant to come away ,though did eventually having caused no harm . The young seal turned and headed back into the crashing waves . Rather it than me !

Coming back to the farm Ali and I talked about what we had just had the privilege of witnessing. Never mind the spectacular display through the night.
It's not even 8.30 in the morning yet , we will have to ensure we pace the days for our seekers .
Still it won't be every day or night  such encounters occur !
The magic and natural beauty in and around us here at Gwenhwyfar Garden unfolds at its own pace we merely participate  and get the chance to witness the ever changing scenery . I feel sure all who come will get into the natural rhythm here with ease .

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