Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Well another morning walk with the dogs and along the path some debris from the storm. Hadn't noticed yesterday the signpost blown down . A kind person has obviously tried to replace it and hung it in the tree. On looking I saw that the directions nearly married up to the correct routes . 

As I walked on , dogs happily chasing the squirrels and each other , I thought about the signposts we all face each day . The roads we travel are never really straight forward , a little meander here and there .
Do any of us really know what lies ahead. Well for myself and the dogs today having walked this path many times we will come out to the beach eventually, though the landscape is looking a little different to yesterday's . Changing scenery , changing seasons , and changing lives ......

Now to the beach and oh my a big change to yesterday's . The view over to the Llyn Peninsula on the horizon a joy to see . It's not always possible .

The beach gave up a lovely heart shaped stone , with half in quartz and half stone  , after asking it if it was happy to return home with us I popped it in my pocket , and it will settle amongst some of its friends back here on the farm .

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