Thursday, 12 October 2017

Four legged seekers

What a wonderful way to start the first official blog. So blessed with the weather this morning. We bundled our four dogs in the van and headed to my favourite beach Penbryn , it's just 7 minutes away. We enter the woods and step down to the waterfall it's like a magical secret land of childhood where any minute now you might glimpse a little faerie or elf step out from under a log.


The new smells left overnight by the wildlife have the dogs excited and seeking in all the undergrowth , they know the way we have trodden it many times. Martha never goes too far ahead . She is our youngest dog, and although she is very vocal she really wants to know you are close at hand . I had a thought whilst walking , how lovely to offer our seekers the opportunity to take a dog for a walk and Martha will make the perfect companion.

Ten minutes through the woodland and we arrive at the beach . Not another soul in sight other than Ali waiting patiently for us all to emerge from the woods.

As we all step onto the beach Kipper quickly engages with the birds , he loves to play the chasing  game , they are all far to smart for him , though he never loses his enthusiasm for the game 

Dylan promptly enters the water pool made by the stream flowing down from the woods , and captured by the rocks and stones the incoming tide has pushed up the beach.

I adore this time in the morning how lovely it will be to have seekers join us if they feel drawn to.

Mother Nature and all her healing elements.
Food for the soul indeed.

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