Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Ruffled feathers and solid stones .

Lovely bright day today and so mild .
What a wonderful circle of feathers and stones somebody has left on the beach for us to discover .

I love stone circles and feathers , so to see them together I was really happy . We build circles here at Gwenhwyfar Garden ....... stone ones we enter in and hold our ceremonies , human ones we tell our stories in , then some just ornamental like the one I found on the beach today . 
Felt like the result of children playing and exploring with their imagination.
It's what I love encouraging the seekers here to do , explore ......

We also have lots of feathers around and about . Often the doves leave them for us to find , I always allow myself to see them as left by angels as a sign and gift that we are loved and held in safe arms .

Much more in the realm of the fully seen here today , Ali managed to get all the ducks on the big pond together for the first time , and ruffled feathers were a plenty . They are loving it , and able to explore new parts of the farm and garden and hopefully new parts of themselves .

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