Friday, 20 October 2017

Broken branches , fallen trees , foam and spray.

Oh my , what raw beauty and sheer delight at being in this ever changing landscape that surrounds us.
Evident today that there is another storm on its way. The fallen trees and broken branches in the woods are the result of the last one just days ago.

The foam and spray on the beach clear signs of the next one that is due to vent its full fury tomorrow and into Sunday.

To stand on the beach with the wind blowing in my face today was bliss and the dogs were simply happy to chase the foam side-stepping the incoming waves , which I narrowly missed getting my boots full of.

Not sure we will make the walk tomorrow if we get what has been forecast . Wise woman that I consider myself to be I will stay warm and cosy and finish knitting Kaspers (my first grandchilds ) Aran jacket. It's been a delight to make this last week when the weather has kept me inside . I realised this Aran is for the forth generation of men in my family I have made Arans for . This one though is extra special the yarn being from our alpacas and processed just a few miles from us .

As if all of these wonderful gifts are not enough , we have been blessed with a booking for our second seeker who will arrive in just over a week .

Broken branches and  fallen trees ,  the sea spray and sea foam , our seekers and guides ,  all weave  together around the landscape of our lives , bringing new meaning and perspective that colour and enrich in the most beautiful ways .

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