Friday, 30 March 2018

Spring is in the air

So after some extremes of weather we seem to be having more spring like temperatures and thankfully no rain . 

We headed to the beach early this morning with the dogs , we have been so busy getting things ready for all the guests arriving today , our routine has been somewhat disturbed. So we made sure whilst no one else was here Ali and I along with , Lillie , Dylan , Kipper, and Martha got to Penbryn by 7.15 this morning.

We collected some stones for our latest two rockeries , asking them politely if they were happy to come live at Gorslwyd , and they all agreed . Back home for a morning meditation , breakfast and off to work with the finishing touches of , plants , rocks and the recycled oak bark , what amazing results.

The guests will hopefully love what we have created .
The roundhouse is just becoming such a strong presence . I sat in the circle of it and already it speaks.

We have even had some new bright additions to Hedgerow that seem to bring more of the outside in .

I have already been asked by some guests for treatments , and a sound bath this weekend , how wonderful that our intentions for our little piece of heaven are coming true , the trees are even creating little hearts for us

West Wales Sound Healing Centre at Gorslwyd Farm home to Gwenhwyfar Garden and all the lovely healing and nourishing vibes that prevail here . May all our guests this weekend leave with some of its magic to remember it by .

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Round Houses and Sand Circles

What a day ! Spring is so in the air after the snows of the weekend...

And what is this beautiful building beginning to appear here ?

Oh so magical to see it forming so amazingly with such love and tenderness even handling solid heavy wooden oak posts with gentle teasing to fit in place . The door opening in place and facing east is just incredible , when you think it was just an idea only two months ago ........
The magic of manifesting when we open our ears and hearts to the divine and say yes to the call. Brave we were considering at that time we very little funds for it . Yet the funds have arrived and with the help of our sponsored posts , May seems realistic for its finish. Even if the details inside need some finer work after .
Can hardly wait to hold our first ceremony .
As if this was not enough for one day we headed to Mwnt for the latest of Marc Treanors sand circles for the Spring Equinox and with the sun warming the earth we sat and looked down on the beach and his creation as the drone flew above taking pictures of what had come into being .

We really do live in such a wonderful part of this world , so much creativity and community . Blessed indeed .

Friday, 16 March 2018

Women of our Time (part 2)

So in a little over two hours time we will begin women of our time (part two) . The sun has been shining here all day and as I picked flowers for the altar walking around outside with the ducks , cats and chickens walking beside me , the smells and sounds of the woodland path seemed extra vibrant .

It has been such an extraordinary week so far, the round house foundation almost complete the outer oak posts stripped of their bark , which has been recycled on various flower beds around this precious land . 

A gong bath on Tuesday brought two new people here who I connected with immediately and deeply , one a crystal healer and another , like myself a sound healer . I feel they will be frequent visitors .
 We have a cold snap forecast for the weekend but it should remain dry which will mean the fire ceremony will take place on Sunday evening . So yet another weekend of transformation awaits the brave women who have chosen to step forward and welcome all that they are becoming , from all that they have been , and yet be fully present to our weekend of sharing and honouring just what it means to be a women in these times.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Magical times On Mother's Day weekend .

What an amazing weekend . Fred has really been getting stuck in to the round house foundations .

Water flowing underneath somehow makes it seem so perfect a spot. 
The healing nature and symbolism of water and how its association with the emotions link wonderfully with the work and healing the round house is designed for . 

All heavy energy generated during circle time  will gently pass through the earth to be simply washed evermore gently onward into the stream and further down to the river Teifi and into the Cardigan bay and onto the ocean . Just so beautiful a thought , how all is simply recycled so naturally . I feel in awe that Ali and I were drawn to this place of magic and how by saying yes to our hearts calling it evolves the way it does.
We had some seekers this weekend lovely ladies who came via a connection I made at the last two compassionate mental health gatherings .

What joy to be with these remarkable brave ladies all of whom shared some of themselves over tea and during individual sessions with me . 

How truly blessed . We had a fire ceremony , a gong bath, many tears and also much laughter , what amazing times to be a small part of . 
All that and Mother's Day weekend I realised at the end of the weekend I hadn't  missed  my own mother who passed many years ago , at all , she was with me every time I opened my heart with these other women and giving them what she had given me . Oh mum thank you for the way you taught me to live and love your spirit truly lives on in mine .
The ladies kindly donated money to us that will be used for two of the round house poles . As with all the sponsored poles they will have their chosen names or symbols or both on them . Watch this space.
We now have nine of the sixteen poles sponsored .
Fred is going at the building with extra vigour when we suggested we would like to see if it's possible that it could be finished in time for our wise women's retreat in May . Prayers for completion by then would be appreciated .

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Round House Beginnings

Love what this place brings every day something new often unexpected but chance to grow and develop on all levels .

Today is also international women's day I shall go over to Sunflower later and light our women's circle candle and welcome in my minds eye all the women of our current circle , women from our past circles , women from our future circles and all the inspiring women I have had the privilege of connecting with . And of course all those brave women who trod this path before bringing their wisdom and gifts and leaving their energetic imprint .

Today Fred has arrived to start the roundhouse .......

Something wonderful feels underfoot . The bulbs and primroses have made a remarkable recovery after the snow and frost of just a few days ago . It didn't stop us having further burst pipes and water problems as the big thaw came which was not what we really wanted yesterday though 'thats life' . Nearly all back to normal now,  so grateful to our wonderful team of local trades who are here when we need them most . 

The carpet from the internal flood has been replaced today , ready for quite a busy weekend of guests .

The external pipes repaired so that the cottage can be warm with flowing hot water too !

We have a group of health workers one of whom I meet at the Compassionate mental health gatherings last year . She is very interested in what we do here and has booked a group gong bath for them on Saturday night . Looking forward to creating a magical soundscape for them , and hopefully some deep transformation within it .

Blessed be x

Thursday, 1 March 2018

St Davids Day

First of March - 
Saint Davids Day ..... a very different feel to last years .

Poor daffodils are a little disgruntled far too cold for them.

The ponds have never  been this frozen , the ducks are also disgusted that they are unable to plunge into their beloved pools of water and have their fun splashing about . So they are staying huddled and warm in the paddock with the alpacas.

As if to add insult to injury we have no water and haven't since yesterday . A distinct change from the last weekend when we had too much flowing and someone found the wet room flooding which caused havoc on the hallway carpet . Ah extremes ......... thank heavens I travelled extremes many times , mastering them is the difficulty.

Always solutions though . Thank God for ingenuity we are managing . Ali is pouring boiling water over the pig's trough , they need water too,we have plenty of bottled in the cupboards. 

A quick lick and a promise with a damp cloth was the call of the day for our wash routine . 

We are warm inside, animals tended buckets of water from the water butts for toilet purposes , though it did require smashing the ice on the top first . A new carpet being fitted next week . Time now for prayers for those who face these hardships daily . We are blessed and really these minor incidents in the greater scheme of things require clear mind and deep faith that this too will pass .

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