Thursday, 19 October 2017

Taking shape

So after the usual dog walk ,

we arrived back to the kitchen floor tiling finished in Willow , our former Campion cottage that burnt out in May this year.

Looking very lovely and now it will be ready for the kitchen fitters to work their magic next week.
Taking shape and reforming from the burnt out shell that the fire spirits left us in May.

The whole time since the fire I have been remoulding and reforming into my new shape . I have learnt so much from the event and subsequent rebuilding project .

Life is just that , we have each day to rebuild and reshape ourselves from what ever comes our way . Important that we have firm foundations and a bedrock or well tiled floor ! that can withstand that which nature sends us.

I have just had a call from my brother who may now not come to visit us this weekend , it seems we have more heavy weather coming . A wise choice I feel . Weather or wether that which we seem to have no control over and that which we do.

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  1. Awful to see Campion after the fire but glad that Willow is taking shape now and coming along nicely. I keep seeing the word Phoenix everywhere lately and it reminds me that good things will rise from the ashes. Blessed be.


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