Saturday, 30 June 2018

Timings and Tidings

I can hardly believe it's been as long since I last wrote . Time seems to have kind of vanished though that's not true at all . We have had such an amazing time these last weeks . Packed full of wonderful retreats , healing sessions , seekers , such lovely soul nourishing events no wonder I have not had time to sit and write .
Today the local beekeepers are holding their annual gathering here we do feel blessed about that . I shall be giving a sound bath for some of them and know that it will be a wonderful experience for everyone .
Plans for an all night gong puja in the roundhouse on the feast of Mary Magadalene with a few invited women is making my soul sing with the planning around it all . 

It will be amazing and the round house fully finished by then complete with the stained glass panels we collect from Cariad glass on Wednesday and the earth floor finished with the goddess image laid in . Altar with its Willow and Hazel trimmings above and below  just so blessed .Watch this space for the images .

As if all of this is not enough our next seeker arrives tomorrow for a short respite , with more glorious weather forecast I feel sure she will sink straight into the magic of Gorslwyd. We are very low on water with our ponds almost dry so some over night rain would be much welcome.

We have also some uninvited guests in the form of wasps who are busy making a nest on the side of Sunflower.Well hopefully the bee keepers will have some ideas of our best way forward with this one.

We had some blessings and good tidings from the lady who is custodian of the sound peace chamber in Scotland and very much hope to visit there at some time in the not too distant future , and link fully with this global network of sound peace chamber keepers.
What a privilege to be part of this all .

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