Sunday, 24 December 2017

Back from our Trip

So having got home late Wednesday evening from our five weeks of travel , which included a night sleeping and just being in Grace cathedral , ski planes and landing on glaciers , safaris , a magical deep moment with an aboriginal elder and so so many more amazing experiences , I have managed to land fully and make time for a post. Really does not seem like other Christmas times gone by , no time to get overloaded with the material world and what it makes of this time of year , instead we have taken the dogs each morning to the beach and just really appreciating what we have here . Lovely to travel and as lovely to return . What I did have whilst we were away was space to allow some ideas to flow in and land with me and the idea of three weekend retreats to be held in February, March and April. They will be small intimate women only spaces six participants in total . The overriding theme is what does it mean to be a fully realised woman in the 21st century. Had we have been born in 2000 we would now becoming of age , unfortunately in our culture we do not honour rites of passage and what there deeper meanings are . I will post full details on the website shortly, but so you have some idea the weekends will run Friday to Monday morning the final weekend will encompass earth day on the 22nd April when we will have an all night puja . The entire cost for the three weekends is just £395 . Deposits will need to be paid by the end of January . You must be able to commit to all three weekends . Hope this may have resonated with some of you please contact us if you require more information at this stage , not fully sure when the details will be on the website I have a few other things to attend to as I am sure all you women are aware of xx   Sending love to you all for a peaceful time Jenni  x

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