Sunday, 29 October 2017

Short and sweet

A brief little note this morning our second night away from the farm and an extra hour to rest and rejuvenate , before heading to the second day of my course . I am enjoying it very much .

We have had an update from home and all is well there .
The timing of this weekend couldn't have been more appropriate , what I am learning will be useful with our first seeker to Gwenhwyfar Garden who arrives Tuesday . Naturally I didn't realise any of that when I booked this course way back at the beginning of the summer , so it's always reassuring that if I follow my heart felt desires it all seems to weave together without too much effort . That said we do not seem to be able to load the pictures to the blog whilst away , so just little short and sweet notes until tomorrow , when we can add some we have taken whilst away , and the new parts of building work at the farm we are looking forward to seeing when we return .

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