Thursday, 26 October 2017

Silhouettes and shadows .

Left early for the beach this morning . Lots of tradesmen due on site today, to get on with the new craft room and the finishing of Willow cottage so we needed to make sure we were back before they set to with their work and plans for the day.
It was still dark as we stepped on to Penbryn , not that the dogs minded.

 Treading more carefully however, were Ali and I . The tide was a long way out . Lovely to see the silhouettes and outlines of rocks and the large boulders . Looking up we could see the tree line at the edge of the cliff as the daylight grew.

Light and shade they make such wonderful blends . As the daylight grew and we turned back along the beach , the outflowing stream was more apparent , did we really step through that in the half light? wow looks a lot more challenging in full light. However we made it through with no real difficulties.

Got me wondering about our seekers and the truth of our own perceptions.
Darkness can appear , and feel menacing , although it need not , after all it's just the other side of light, and together this morning they made such beauty for us to perceive .

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