Monday, 27 August 2018

Changes only sometimes require Action!

Its been so long since I wrote a blog on this page . 
Things here have changed dramatically in all ways on all levels and we are still trying to work our way through them .

From the parched dry days that saw all our ponds and water reserves vanish , to the already falling leaves and autumnal feel in the air . 


Those are perhaps the obvious things that everybody here will be aware of .
However as with all life and cycles of , underneath there are other things happening , some are slowly beginning to emerge , others still in the ethers only just coming into form .
These times have required us to find enermous inner strength and resilience. It's not been easy navigating and staying true to our dream and belief in what we are creating here . Now as we move toward autumn we have inside of us a new depth and greater understanding of what it means to stand true to our beliefs , a resource and experience that will be absolutely invaluable to those who come here exploring themselves at ever expanding levels .
The practical lessons learned are many . 

From the problems with the roundhouse , floor not drying , door warping , condensation occurring ,  all will  have solutions , not that easy to fix , and unforeseen additional costs, they will however get done . 

The fire safety and electrical inspection , which again brought rather heavy unexpected additional costs , these are now completed.
The lessons about ourselves have been less obvious and readily fixed , and required no monetary cost at all . They have required a capacity to go beyond known levels of inner strength , finding ways to stay calm in the maelstrom of emotions these outer lessons brought us .

The new ways of being and becoming , evolving , moulding , and making us and all around us different now . Not better not worse , but different than before , and even I who can change in an instant have often asked myself , why is this happening now !
The bigger picture globally answers some of that.
We are just grateful to be able to offer this place to those who come, from all directions , all ways of being , who have for what ever reason , found themselves here . Our hope is they too have found a deeper level inside themselves .
Even in writing this blog I recognise that this place has its own heartbeat , it's very own life force which we can only move alongside and allow to become that which it will . Our intention all those years ago have set this in motion , it's time now to stand back and let the rest unfold .

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