Friday, 3 November 2017

Flocking and weaving together .

Today sees our first seeker leave . I am looking forward to seeing the crochet squares Debbie has made for the shawl . The process is now underway . They will be sewn together and will eventually make the seekers own shawl I have been visioning now for several weeks.
No real surprise that as we returned from the beach with the dogs this morning , the tree up the track was alive with birds all flocked together and making the most amazing sounds.
I felt a real resonance with this flocking together , and how people are attracted to what they require , even if at times we  are not aware of what is right under our noses.

We had another enquiry yesterday and it does appear that we have people who feel drawn here , not in flocks but a gentle flow , a pace that is gentle and calming .

That is essential for balance is the key . So as Debbie leaves today with new insights and renewed on different levels , we will take some time to renew ourselves whilst we move towards Sunday and Helens arrival. The flow gentle and balanced although the gathering of a flock of sorts , whom we hope will remember the time they spent here at Gwenhwyfar Garden .


  1. How could they ever forget? It is truly magical x <3

  2. I thank Jenni & Ali from the bottom of my heart, for the love they have shown me during my stay . I cannot express how special this place is , truly magical, everything is so well thought out for your comfort and wellbeing. Jenni has given me insights and guided me back from a very dark downward spiral that had been been developing for a long time. I now have some peace and giidance, and my journey begins. Much love to Jenni & Ali x


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