Saturday, 21 October 2017

Building blocks

Well the wind is wild the rain not so heavy , enough to leave our morning trip to the beach off the agenda today.
We are due to see the builders who were hoping to lay the base for the pigs hard standing ( we have recycled that from the patio at the back of Sunflower ) 

and then the base for the porch at the back of Sunflower . 

Now that is a funny thing ...... if we call it a porch and it's not over a certain size it requires no planning permission , however same size and called a conservatory it requires planning ?? Not sure I really understand ,but we will call it a porch and that suits us just fine.

So that spun a train of thoughts in me about labels and what they can generate in others , emotions of extremes just from a word , crazy to me . As a sound healer and deep feeler , who really has travelled extremes, I much prefer to just get to understand things from a sense of knowing that does not include a label .

I will love the porch no less than were it called a conservatory , after all it will be built with care and great skill by our builders. I shall fill it with furniture and the like that I will lovingly chose maybe up cycle etc . Does love need a label it's a feeling surely !

The extra space will be filled with lots of love and companionship.We have already taken next years first booking for Sunflower . Our bee keepers are having their summer garden party here , how beautiful gives me a real buzzzzz...........

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