Monday, 30 October 2017

Home again

We arrived home last night and are gradually settling into the rhythm here again , after a very busy morning . It started with us getting to the beach just after 7am with the dogs . 

A beautiful morning and a beautiful afternoon now. We have been busy with general cleaning after a family gathering here which used all the cottages and additional spaces we have . Lots to clean ........

The work is well underway on the new crafting room, and I have been busy returning the gong studio back to its normal self after our guests at the weekend used it for the family gathering.

I have had an email this morning from our first seeker who is due to arrive mid morning tomorrow . It should be a great time for her the weather is looking to hold out and remain dry .

So really it's a very practical day here today and nice getting things back in order , finding the sacred in the mundane .

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