Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Misty, moody , morning of mindfulness. Mmmmmmmm.....

The mornings are slower to light up at the moment , and so mindful that the woods may be a little dark I decided to do our walk the otherway around today . We headed straight to the beach . The mist hovered all around and the sea , still moody was crashing itself on the newly arranged shore.

The dogs didn't mind at all ,as soon as I mentioned time for the woods off the beach they ran and on to the steps and in to the woods.

Returning home and Ali and I had breakfast along with making our plans for the day.
Routine and structure important and necessary. It will be so when our seekers arrive .
Though there are so many different things to do each day the outline routine remains the same. Timings are key . There will be some adjustments around timings this weekend when the clocks go back , and whilst we gain an hours sleep the dogs don't always adjust so readily ! 
The other field animals here seem to just fall into the new rhythm no problem at all.

We feel sure it will be that way with our seekers who we hope will simply fall into the rhythm here . After all Gwenhwyfar Garden has a timescale that is of a different place .
Kairos time the time of the soul .

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