Monday, 16 October 2017

Returning home

We spent Friday night in Dorset arriving back late last night. I had a training day in Bridport . Lovely as it was , so nice to get home and back into our routine.
So the dogs have been on the beach already this morning 

and I have attended to my morning ritual in our little chapel here . 

Then on to emails , guests checking out , and the other usual practical rounds that make this place turn. 
I have travelled far and wide during my 60 years here on Earth for both work and pleasure , and always return home with a grateful heart , wherever home has been .
This particular home , here in such a beautiful part of West Wales touches a deep part of me . It did the first time we walked down the farm track nearly six years ago. 

I stood and wept , not really sure why , only a knowing that we had found the place we had been looking for over a period of three years.
A sense of returning home I guess at some level. That is what this place stands for . Somewhere all who seek feel at some level that they are returning home . Finding again the capacity within to feel complete . 

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