Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Before and after the storm

We went to our favourite beach yesterday morning with what felt like a warm tropical breeze on our faces. Walking through the woods my favourite trees with their roots showing , and the little doorways into the land inside of them.

All was quiet and still birds happily singing their morning chorus.
The sea was calm all around seemed to be in waiting, anticipating what was over the horizon.

We got home and within two hours the storm was arriving, with the wind howling and leaves blowing all around.
I spent the day inside warm and cosy .
Returning this morning to see what the force of the wind had carved out.
Surprisingly no trees down , though lots of leaves. A tree from a past storm already recreating itself with new shoots coming up has been part of this landscape in its new form since we first starting visiting here several years ago. Nature is amazing.The beach however was carved into a very different landscape to yesterday's.

Home again and pondering 🤔 it's what happens to us all the time . We are shaped and carved into our new becomings by life's ups and downs . It can at times seem like we are being blown around without anything tethering us , yet after it has passed we seem firmer than ever in our own knowing.

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