Friday, 15 February 2019

Pretty Plants and Perfect Pew .

Such a long time since I wrote here , I tend to post more on FB these days . 

However new things coming up , so many things bursting into life , 

the addition of this beautiful pew 

in the chapel , which prompted the rearranging of our cross and Angel collection !

The pew was a parting gift from our friends who have moved back to England . Most of all a call about a potential seeker has prompted this blog .
The weather has been wild these last few weeks. We have had snow, very high winds and of course the Welsh rain clouds which seem to hold more than most other rain clouds!
I attended the one day seminar last Friday in Cardiff of 'a Disorder  for Everyone' . I found it so useful and affirming . I also got to meet some new people who share this common ground , and come from many different backgrounds to the mutual realisation that a new way of approaching Mental Health is of vital importance in these current times .

The need for safe places that allow individuals a chance to explore themselves , without labels and judgement can only assist what else is being made available as alternative choices .

How blessed are we to have this opportunity here right now. Our joint experiences  that after all the turns in the road has allowed for Gwenhwyfar Garden to come into being .

Thursday, 18 October 2018

So many changes!

Such a long time since I last posted.
Oh my things have changed . Some due to the storm at the weekend we now have full ponds where there was drought ! 

Others because the dogs are allowed on the beach again and we have been taking them each day since the beginning of the month.

The paths have been re shaped and laid with scalpings a shame my favourite tree roots are now covered though .

We are planning a new healing room which will hold the crystal bed that we will bring home from Brazil at the end of November after a visit to the spiritist and healing centres there .

We are developing a lot of connections within the compassionate mental health arena , our days filled with helping people in crisis. We feel blessed that we have this little haven here where people are drawn to come and re-centre themselves . Even storm Callum seemed mild over us compared to the devastation around . We did lose two trees though they caused no damage to surrounding areas when they fell .

The peace chamber is coming into its own and we are hoping to have a long term solution to the damp floor in place soon .
Amazing that it's now just a few days until we leave for our adventures in Brazil where I hope to gain great insights watching the healers there in the spiritists centres,  and at John of God's Casa.
We return to the next seeker arriving a week after we arrive home and our women's winter solstice retreat which was such a wonderful experience last time we held it .
We no doubt will be full of new ideas and fresh from our own healing experiences with the spiritists and bringing all we have learned and recieved to pass on to those who come here . What a joy .

Monday, 27 August 2018

Changes only sometimes require Action!

Its been so long since I wrote a blog on this page . 
Things here have changed dramatically in all ways on all levels and we are still trying to work our way through them .

From the parched dry days that saw all our ponds and water reserves vanish , to the already falling leaves and autumnal feel in the air . 


Those are perhaps the obvious things that everybody here will be aware of .
However as with all life and cycles of , underneath there are other things happening , some are slowly beginning to emerge , others still in the ethers only just coming into form .
These times have required us to find enermous inner strength and resilience. It's not been easy navigating and staying true to our dream and belief in what we are creating here . Now as we move toward autumn we have inside of us a new depth and greater understanding of what it means to stand true to our beliefs , a resource and experience that will be absolutely invaluable to those who come here exploring themselves at ever expanding levels .
The practical lessons learned are many . 

From the problems with the roundhouse , floor not drying , door warping , condensation occurring ,  all will  have solutions , not that easy to fix , and unforeseen additional costs, they will however get done . 

The fire safety and electrical inspection , which again brought rather heavy unexpected additional costs , these are now completed.
The lessons about ourselves have been less obvious and readily fixed , and required no monetary cost at all . They have required a capacity to go beyond known levels of inner strength , finding ways to stay calm in the maelstrom of emotions these outer lessons brought us .

The new ways of being and becoming , evolving , moulding , and making us and all around us different now . Not better not worse , but different than before , and even I who can change in an instant have often asked myself , why is this happening now !
The bigger picture globally answers some of that.
We are just grateful to be able to offer this place to those who come, from all directions , all ways of being , who have for what ever reason , found themselves here . Our hope is they too have found a deeper level inside themselves .
Even in writing this blog I recognise that this place has its own heartbeat , it's very own life force which we can only move alongside and allow to become that which it will . Our intention all those years ago have set this in motion , it's time now to stand back and let the rest unfold .

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Timings and Tidings

I can hardly believe it's been as long since I last wrote . Time seems to have kind of vanished though that's not true at all . We have had such an amazing time these last weeks . Packed full of wonderful retreats , healing sessions , seekers , such lovely soul nourishing events no wonder I have not had time to sit and write .
Today the local beekeepers are holding their annual gathering here we do feel blessed about that . I shall be giving a sound bath for some of them and know that it will be a wonderful experience for everyone .
Plans for an all night gong puja in the roundhouse on the feast of Mary Magadalene with a few invited women is making my soul sing with the planning around it all . 

It will be amazing and the round house fully finished by then complete with the stained glass panels we collect from Cariad glass on Wednesday and the earth floor finished with the goddess image laid in . Altar with its Willow and Hazel trimmings above and below  just so blessed .Watch this space for the images .

As if all of this is not enough our next seeker arrives tomorrow for a short respite , with more glorious weather forecast I feel sure she will sink straight into the magic of Gorslwyd. We are very low on water with our ponds almost dry so some over night rain would be much welcome.

We have also some uninvited guests in the form of wasps who are busy making a nest on the side of Sunflower.Well hopefully the bee keepers will have some ideas of our best way forward with this one.

We had some blessings and good tidings from the lady who is custodian of the sound peace chamber in Scotland and very much hope to visit there at some time in the not too distant future , and link fully with this global network of sound peace chamber keepers.
What a privilege to be part of this all .

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Back home via Iona

Well after a birthday to remember with the Round House Blessing despite it not being totally finished , 

we launched straight into our women's retreat , which proved as always a magical experience .
I then left for Iona staying enroute in the Lake District and discovered some stone circles that were really special.
Iona was just simply beautiful though I seem not to have any pictures not quite sure why . I did however ,capture the essence of this little island deep inside of me . 
A second visit just as wonderful as the first time I went some nine years ago now. The women who joined myself and Claire were all from America and the retreat Judith planned was all encompassing .We made a labyrinth on the north beach , collected Iona marble and serpentine stones on the south beach , climbed to the highest point for a releasing  ceremony , sung vespers in the little chapel alongside the abbey , made a beaded prayer paidirean , all such wonderful food for the soul . This along with the fresh locally sourced food for our tummies made me very happy indeed.
I then travelled to Liverpool where Ali joined me and we spent five days visiting friends and enjoying the weather and all that Liverpool had to offer .
Now back home , it's just lovely to see the wisteria in full bloom , 

only wish I could capture the smell for you . Fred has been hard at it with the final stages of the round house and hopefully it will be fully finished toward the end of June . Great to see the sedum roof taking hold .

Our regular holiday makers are arriving for the half term and the sun is shining . I shall be offering sound healing and gong baths this week with a booked full moon Sound Bath on Tuesday .
Lots to do and lots to be extremely grateful for . This amazing place is bursting into life , this does mean a lot of gardening and grass cutting is called for !

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Babbling Brooks,Birdsong,Broken Branches and Birthday Bluebells .

How blessed am I , a lovely walk to start the day my 61st birthday , I adore this time of year , the heady scent of the bluebells , the birds and sound of the brook truly lovely and the sunshine too. 

All of this and our opening ceremony of the roundhouse later today simply beautiful . 
The weather forecast is good all day , and whilst the sound chamber is not fully finished our pole and bench sponsors will get a real sense of how the completed structure will be when we gather in there later today.
Fred and the team have worked flat out to try and get it finished however an 18 week project in just 9/10 was really optimistic !

We are still delighted . The roof looks amazing and the fire pit with it's sponsored benches a real bonus .Thank you Luke , Hattie and Steve  .

We will bless it later after collecting our dear friend Judith Tripp from the train station . Our wise women's soul quest which Judith has been holding here for us annually since 2013 is our biggest to date , and will see a short circle in the roundhouse during the weekend , setting the foundations for the healing that it is intended for . I am simply blown away by what happens when we allow spirit to guide us , I feel I must be dreaming .
Looking like a summer of magic is on the way .We are now offering concessions and discounted holiday weeks to those in recovery who are clean and sober for six months and are able to offer some light work duties along with a weekly payment for board . Call to enquire, this is the culmination of our seven year plan we set on arrival here in July 2012 .
The first blessing of the day in the roundhouse is for my Twin sister Jayne who passed on in 1995 . Happy Birthday Jayne blessings to you wherever you are on your spiritual journey . We will end our opening ceremony later in Sunflower our other retreat space dedicated to Jayne who loved sunflowers .
And know all things pass nothing stays the same only love is real .

Saturday, 5 May 2018

World Labyrinth Day Delights

Well here we are  at World Labyrinth Day soon to be walking 'as one at one '

There has been so many other lovely things been happening here this week . The full moon gong bath on Monday , a friend Emma arrived Tuesday afternoon , along with discussing the stained glass windows for the round house earlier that day at Cariad Glass, and a wonderful 60th birthday lunch with another friend . 
Not really sure where the rest of the week went although we did take Emma to Gors Fawr stone circle somewhere between then and now .

We also had a visit from the Bee inspector and all seems well with the hives .

Gardening has been a big part that has filled our time with the grass and heart labyrinths getting a lot of TLC . 

The sedum for the roundhouse roof was delivered yesterday too , and will see some roof top gardening in the coming days .

The fire pit outside the round house has also had some work to it ....... things are gathering momentum

We have the labyrinth walks today and a short sound bath after .
A past seeker has just booked to return at the end of the month , she has found a special place here , just as we did when we first came our prayers and intentions for Gorslwyd Farm and Gwenhwyfar Garden are all being answered.
We have family  arriving today for the bank holiday they will keep us busy over the next couple of days , we have their Celtic birthday trees for them  to plant along the ridge behind  the round house , before the excitement gathers as we prepare for the opening next Thursday .
Oh my word seems a lot to do though time seems somehow to expand here when engaged in such joy filled task . Kairos time -the time of the soul .

Pretty Plants and Perfect Pew .

Such a long time since I wrote here , I tend to post more on FB these days .  However new things coming up , so many things bursting int...