Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Gone fishing

Well another day and a new start . Lillie found a beached fish and was not willing to put it down. Funny thing as yesterday she was very stiff in the morning and I said I would give her some cod liver oil , she took the job on for herself !!

We had our new caretakers stay over last night to learn the ropes they will be here for five weeks from the middle of November and December whilst we explore pastures new . Watch this space .....
They seem to have got a grip on things quite readily and took to it likes ducks to water ......

We have never been short of volunteers to look after this beautiful sanctuary . Grateful indeed that people find it such a draw and long to come and help .
In fact Sally the lady caretaker suggested here might be a good place for her friend Debbie to find some solace , and she will arrive today our first seeker . Lovely how things gently come together .
Our bee keepers brought us a jar of honey yesterday not from the hives here they arrived to late to produce any but their hives are literally just over the ridge . Let's hope Debbie likes it .

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