Friday, 10 November 2017

Changes a plenty.

What a busy week , so much has changed .
Helen came and left , she let us know she arrived home last night safe and well feeling totally different to the person who arrived at the weekend . Quick transformation indeed.

Much like everything else here !!!

Just look at what's happened in Willow cottage.

And then the new porch at the back of Sunflower , which will become the craft room.

All four dogs have have a wash and been clipped where needed .
Probably why I have not had time to gather myself to write a blog . Good news today though , we are preparing for the weekend away to Malvern and the sound healing conference .
Plenty of time and space for Ali and myself to totally relax and restore ourselves . Transformation & changes nothing staying the same .
The nearly bare trees let us be totally aware of that .

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