Monday, 6 November 2017

Floors and doors

Yesterday saw two of the floors in Willow laid , today we may see the doors fitted . Certainly the final stages are coming together nicely.

Helen arrived for some respite and her feet are planted firmly on the floor/ground here , the animals and the land  of Gwenhwyfar Garden already doing their work . I hope we can enter new doorways together as her time here continues .

I love the way all the daily chores weave with the deeper soul work each seeker comes here to explore. Floors and doorways seem very appropriate , though to really keep myself grounded I love nothing better than bare feet on the earth . The new wooden floors do feel nice under foot though and with all the extra insulation not at all cold .

It's lovely and bright here today the sun coming up behind the trees by the chapel, so beautiful ......
Grateful and certainly feeling very blessed to be doing my work in such a magical place .

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