Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Looking Forward

Lots to look forward to now .

The new sunroom at the back of Sunflower is taking shape , 

Willow needs just a few last minute finishing touches 

, all should be finished when we return from our trip, which of course we are really anticipating eagerly.
Things are seeming to move very quickly, transformation is all around us .
Sally and Micheal have arrived they will be looking after the farm whilst we travel , last minute check list of who gets feed what and when ..... list of contacts in an emergency , though we don't envisage any need for those .
We now can get on with packing and relaxing , easing into the overdue holiday . A time for us to refresh and renew so we have lots to offer the next seeker . The fire here in May a distant memory and the energy of change it brought with it so very evident . The sun today shining with its own fire energy .
Feeling blessed .

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