Sunday, 19 November 2017

Dreams and spirals .

So not fully sure what sleeping on the floor of a cathedral has taught me yet , the experience though was certainly not the average daily one ! A special thirtieth celebration of the event added to the whole thing , and along with jet lag it's all very surreal . 

I met some beautiful women who shared a very sacred space and time together . Very blessed indeed . Much more will come from what occurred  during our dream time together and thankfully I have space  to allow it to arise and process fully . A great way to use the jet lag in the middle of the night !

What ever comes from this I know will be of use when more seekers come to the garden . The wisdom of the women and the deep heart opening and connection can only bring insights that will enrich my life , and then naturally the lives of those I encounter . So lovely to be in this beautiful part of the USA with a local . We will head to the beach later and make a labyrinth in the sand .
For now though middle of the night here as it is I will try and get a little more sleep .

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