Thursday, 2 November 2017

Murky Morning Musings

A misty murky morning that whilst damp and grey has given me sometime to sit and ponder , a little while longer than of late .

The workers for the roof on the craft room are due to arrive today,  and not being sure if the damp will affect that, I just have to accept it will be done when it gets done .

Time these days is very different from the hurried and often angst filled days of my youth and past . Then it could seem a matter of life and death that things didn't happen when scheduled .
Things happen that they do for sure , and it's far less vexing if I just accept that I really have no control of timings . A sort of gentle surrender to all that is , oh my and it only took me to reach 60 to finally be able to go with the flow .
Thankfully it has allowed Gwenhwyfar Garden to develop organically and enquiries are coming in .
So grateful to have this time and place at this stage of my life .
Transformation happens , sometimes quickly sometimes slowly , however it happens and just for today it seems slowly .

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