Friday, 17 November 2017

City by the bay

We arrived in San Francisco early evening yesterday Pacific time . We are 8 hours behind the UK here and after the great flight and some sleep we were up around 2.30 am . Settling in , though not fully in sync with the time change .
I have the women's dream quest tonight at Grace Catherdral with our great friend Judith Tripp facilitating. I am so looking forward to that . Sleeping and dreaming in a Cathedral ......
What new ideas will flow in ???
We have heard from Sally back at the farm and garden , all is well there .
Well we will grab a few pictures no doubt as the day progresses and put some on this blog. Really looking forward to going across the bay to Muir woods again and seeing the giant Sequioa trees there . When I first came nearly thirty years ago I didn't have a local to help inform me of the history etc. This time Judith has plans to show us more , and I feel sure we will get lots of great information and story telling about the place . This trip is now moving from the planning to the reality , blessed be .

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