Saturday, 4 November 2017

Patches of beauty

So our first seeker has left ,  Debbie , who we enjoyed having with us . She left two little patches crocheted with love for the shawl . 

I hope she left any old ideas that were blocking her too . It certainly appeared that way .
We will have a couple of quiet days now before Helen arrives tomorrow afternoon.
Well what I really should say is we will be doing the regular chores , along with some bits and pieces in the rebuilt cottage . That part I am  really looking forward to , the new kitchen is starting to take shape and the bathroom is all but finished .

We will have a bonfire with some of the packing boxes etc, later today if the rain holds off.

So really we will not have a quiet couple of days , but a different style couple of days . That's how it is here , changes that bring a different tempo , along with different meanings . 

No tradesmen working here at all today and the pace seems a lot slower . We will definitely ease our way into things able to fully appreciate all the transformation happening . The leaves that are still falling .......

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