Saturday, 25 November 2017

From sea otters to saving four legged souls .

Well what joys are we having , each day something new requiring our full attention and keeping us grounded and in the moment .
After such a great weekend in San Francisco we travelled to Morro Bay on Monday where our travels plans changed due to the coastal highway being closed . However we meet a man who's young daughter had died just that week humbling , and yet the exchange we had was so beautiful , deep and so meaningful . Routes and plans can change in a moment that much was made so very clear !
 We then encountered the Sea otters in the bay there, just the start of Tuesday ......

Airport chaos the next part of the day so just trying to stayed relaxed required great patience and meditation skills , things we practice daily so happily we managed to stay cool , board the overnight flight and arrive in Tahiti .......
Paradise and super relaxing , exactly what we need . I have learnt that we cannot pour from an empty cup and self care and love is essential .
We make sure we spend time with locals staying in a small family run place and shopping with road side vendors where possible. This is the view we have each morning.

Our hosts dogs came to visit us as if to inform us of information we would need whilst here.
And that was to become apparent when a little lost dog ran in front of our car for about a mile . It finally ran into the ditch alongside the road ,and naturally we stopped to see how it was.

Terrified but happy for us to pick it up , we wrapped it in a beach towel and brought it back to our accommodation certain that the host would approve and be able to help.
We washed and fed her ,little puppy she is and tried our best to deal with the flea infestation , clipped all the vegetation out of her and posted on the local lost pets site . She slept soundly that night and in the morning our host came and collected her . She is currently with one of her staff who is happy to keep her if no one comes forward .

Lovely to help another lost soul four legged though she is .

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  1. Beautiful little soul. She knew exactly what she was doing when she ran in front of you x


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