Saturday, 6 January 2018

Today's gifts

Well funny thing gifts ...... having just been through Christmas , a traditional time when people share gifts,  (neither myself or Ali brought each other a gift to open in the traditional sense ) yet another has come my way .
A real treasure that I had given some thought about last year and it turned up yesterday . I didn't order it in the regular way , but it showed up none the less.

A new gong that whilst not the most ascetically pleasing has a sound that rings true to me . Touching parts deep in my soul. It found me when I was ready to receive it . Like all gifts if we are ready to receive them they will bring us many blessings on many levels , some that may not even seem like blessings at the time , yet really they are .

Trying always to see life's pathway with all its bends and bumps in the road as a gift is  a practice I try to live by , not always easy though oh so worth while .
My gift to you all today a few moments of the deep sounds of  this Paiste sound creation earth 🌏 gong . May it touch you too.

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