Monday, 1 January 2018

New year new beginnings

Ok so here's my commitment to myself , this blog,  and our new venture Gwenhwyfar Garden, no excuses but the truth is I have found it a little difficult getting back into a routine since our trip .
Didn't help coming home on top of Christmas and still workers on site finishing things off, not what we had anticipated. However the good news is the work is now nearly finished , the rebuilt cottage well and truly road tested by my eldest son , his wife and baby son, all little niggles have come to the surface and we can get those sorted . 

The new conservatory on the back of Sunflower will now hopefully be finished within a fortnight . Progress indeed . So the practical side of things are getting sorted . I will make sure to devote some time each week to the blog and keep you updated, not necessarily daily but blog I will ! 

I have got  back to doing some sound healings  and gong baths with another scheduled  for tonight .We had some guests request one this morning which I have not long finished , so hopefully that is paving the way of things to come in this new year . Certainly it has been my intention all along that the guests who come will embrace our way of life .
Tonight's gong bath will focus on  the full moon which was so clear in the sky last night .

We will go down to Mwnt beach later where Marc Treanor will be making another wonderful sand circle .
It really is amazing what the universe sends us here . We just wait knowing in our hearts that all is well.

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