Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Our latest arrival

Our latest seeker has arrived , the first of this new year . Though we have known her a good few years now , she has come fully surrendered ready to unfold the new findings within her , I always love this , the sacred touching of the soul , bursting forth with such beauty .
Already the magic has begun , and her joy,  whilst through some tears is becoming evident . I love tears they are such beautiful blessings they flow freely when we allow them and cleanse and soothe like a watery balm .
The new picture hung on the wall in my healing room keeping watch whilst this unfolding occurred . The art work Ali's , the framing of it , a gift from another dear friend .

Oh my , I wouldn't change my world today , what I do though is try and open more freely to all that is given to me on a daily basis even the more challenging parts of the day . That today was Marthas disappearance on our walk .

 A worry if she wanders off where there are pregnant ewes . Not the case though just a scent in the woods she seemed unable to resist , also the loss of our male goose Bert less than a fortnight after we lost his wife , not sure if it's a fox 🦊 or a dog , upsetting none the less , we will have to pen them at night if we choose to have more .

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