Friday, 5 January 2018

Gifts of all kinds

So today I took my new walking aid for the first time to Penbryn . Walking aid , stick , staff it is oh so much more than that . It is already a delightful friend . I received it yesterday , a present from a human friend . Though really I received its essence a long time ago . 

It has a natural Phoenix / thunderbird feature in its top such as I have never seen before , yet I know this creature well , it resides in my very depths and has guided me through the darkest of times to rise again having had any residue debris from past hurts burnt fully out , that I can emerge forth and reclaim my new beginnings .

She is indeed a beauty , I feel so honoured , that she has found me , and that Cheryl realised after all the work she put in whittling , rubbing down , polishing and varnishing where her new beginning was to be .
As if all of that is not enough for one day , another new friend will arrive later though you will have to wait until tomorrow to hear about that.
Friends come in all shapes and sizes , any many dimensions of the mystical kind too.

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