Monday, 15 January 2018

Nearly completed ......

So today has been extremely full so far . Our seeker is enjoying her stay , and the lessons that her time in reflection are bringing , though painful  at times ,  seem oh so rewarding . We just enjoy watching the unfolding , renewing our beliefs in why we do what we do here . So much so that just as the last two projects come to fruition , the next visions already present themselves and the people who we needed to help them come about have also as if by magic revealed themselves too.

So some pictures of the very nearly completed room at the back of Sunflower ready just in time for our recovery retreat at the end of the month .

The new visions ......... well a Celtic round house the main one , with some ideas for  a re-jig of our smallest cottage that would be set aside for seekers , and a lovely big porch on our wheelchair friendly three bedroom cottage . Sounds a lot !  Oh not for the feint hearted , dreaming big has paid me so many dividends in so many ways , so why not make these visions manifest . Timing well that's the key for me not to place a time on , just believe ,it will be so.

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