Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The Round House

Well yesterday Fred came to talk about our new project . So much has happened in such a short while . I was left feeling so inspired . I doused to check the place  and alignments . Realised it would be wonderful to be able to have the canvas labyrinth held within the space at certain times .

Where the door would be , how many windows , all these things were shown to me as though the building was already finished .
The most important thing was the earth floor , it has to be Earth that we can stand on our mother barefoot and feel rooted and safe .Held by the trees around the side of the bank , within earshot of the stream , and just by the sacred grove .
Ideas about trying to use some of our alpaca fibre for insulation within the walls , it feels like the creation of something very special indeed . 

Lovely Venus who passed last year will be within the walls whilst the rest of the herd within hearing distance , their unique hum such a comforting vibe .

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