Friday, 16 March 2018

Women of our Time (part 2)

So in a little over two hours time we will begin women of our time (part two) . The sun has been shining here all day and as I picked flowers for the altar walking around outside with the ducks , cats and chickens walking beside me , the smells and sounds of the woodland path seemed extra vibrant .

It has been such an extraordinary week so far, the round house foundation almost complete the outer oak posts stripped of their bark , which has been recycled on various flower beds around this precious land . 

A gong bath on Tuesday brought two new people here who I connected with immediately and deeply , one a crystal healer and another , like myself a sound healer . I feel they will be frequent visitors .
 We have a cold snap forecast for the weekend but it should remain dry which will mean the fire ceremony will take place on Sunday evening . So yet another weekend of transformation awaits the brave women who have chosen to step forward and welcome all that they are becoming , from all that they have been , and yet be fully present to our weekend of sharing and honouring just what it means to be a women in these times.

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