Thursday, 8 March 2018

Round House Beginnings

Love what this place brings every day something new often unexpected but chance to grow and develop on all levels .

Today is also international women's day I shall go over to Sunflower later and light our women's circle candle and welcome in my minds eye all the women of our current circle , women from our past circles , women from our future circles and all the inspiring women I have had the privilege of connecting with . And of course all those brave women who trod this path before bringing their wisdom and gifts and leaving their energetic imprint .

Today Fred has arrived to start the roundhouse .......

Something wonderful feels underfoot . The bulbs and primroses have made a remarkable recovery after the snow and frost of just a few days ago . It didn't stop us having further burst pipes and water problems as the big thaw came which was not what we really wanted yesterday though 'thats life' . Nearly all back to normal now,  so grateful to our wonderful team of local trades who are here when we need them most . 

The carpet from the internal flood has been replaced today , ready for quite a busy weekend of guests .

The external pipes repaired so that the cottage can be warm with flowing hot water too !

We have a group of health workers one of whom I meet at the Compassionate mental health gatherings last year . She is very interested in what we do here and has booked a group gong bath for them on Saturday night . Looking forward to creating a magical soundscape for them , and hopefully some deep transformation within it .

Blessed be x

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