Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Round Houses and Sand Circles

What a day ! Spring is so in the air after the snows of the weekend...

And what is this beautiful building beginning to appear here ?

Oh so magical to see it forming so amazingly with such love and tenderness even handling solid heavy wooden oak posts with gentle teasing to fit in place . The door opening in place and facing east is just incredible , when you think it was just an idea only two months ago ........
The magic of manifesting when we open our ears and hearts to the divine and say yes to the call. Brave we were considering at that time we very little funds for it . Yet the funds have arrived and with the help of our sponsored posts , May seems realistic for its finish. Even if the details inside need some finer work after .
Can hardly wait to hold our first ceremony .
As if this was not enough for one day we headed to Mwnt for the latest of Marc Treanors sand circles for the Spring Equinox and with the sun warming the earth we sat and looked down on the beach and his creation as the drone flew above taking pictures of what had come into being .

We really do live in such a wonderful part of this world , so much creativity and community . Blessed indeed .

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