Monday, 12 March 2018

Magical times On Mother's Day weekend .

What an amazing weekend . Fred has really been getting stuck in to the round house foundations .

Water flowing underneath somehow makes it seem so perfect a spot. 
The healing nature and symbolism of water and how its association with the emotions link wonderfully with the work and healing the round house is designed for . 

All heavy energy generated during circle time  will gently pass through the earth to be simply washed evermore gently onward into the stream and further down to the river Teifi and into the Cardigan bay and onto the ocean . Just so beautiful a thought , how all is simply recycled so naturally . I feel in awe that Ali and I were drawn to this place of magic and how by saying yes to our hearts calling it evolves the way it does.
We had some seekers this weekend lovely ladies who came via a connection I made at the last two compassionate mental health gatherings .

What joy to be with these remarkable brave ladies all of whom shared some of themselves over tea and during individual sessions with me . 

How truly blessed . We had a fire ceremony , a gong bath, many tears and also much laughter , what amazing times to be a small part of . 
All that and Mother's Day weekend I realised at the end of the weekend I hadn't  missed  my own mother who passed many years ago , at all , she was with me every time I opened my heart with these other women and giving them what she had given me . Oh mum thank you for the way you taught me to live and love your spirit truly lives on in mine .
The ladies kindly donated money to us that will be used for two of the round house poles . As with all the sponsored poles they will have their chosen names or symbols or both on them . Watch this space.
We now have nine of the sixteen poles sponsored .
Fred is going at the building with extra vigour when we suggested we would like to see if it's possible that it could be finished in time for our wise women's retreat in May . Prayers for completion by then would be appreciated .

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