Thursday, 1 March 2018

St Davids Day

First of March - 
Saint Davids Day ..... a very different feel to last years .

Poor daffodils are a little disgruntled far too cold for them.

The ponds have never  been this frozen , the ducks are also disgusted that they are unable to plunge into their beloved pools of water and have their fun splashing about . So they are staying huddled and warm in the paddock with the alpacas.

As if to add insult to injury we have no water and haven't since yesterday . A distinct change from the last weekend when we had too much flowing and someone found the wet room flooding which caused havoc on the hallway carpet . Ah extremes ......... thank heavens I travelled extremes many times , mastering them is the difficulty.

Always solutions though . Thank God for ingenuity we are managing . Ali is pouring boiling water over the pig's trough , they need water too,we have plenty of bottled in the cupboards. 

A quick lick and a promise with a damp cloth was the call of the day for our wash routine . 

We are warm inside, animals tended buckets of water from the water butts for toilet purposes , though it did require smashing the ice on the top first . A new carpet being fitted next week . Time now for prayers for those who face these hardships daily . We are blessed and really these minor incidents in the greater scheme of things require clear mind and deep faith that this too will pass .

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