Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The three R's ...... Render , Roofs and Retreats .

So here we are after another week, time just seems to fly by , not without enormous amounts of work though.
This last weekend's retreat which incorporated  earth day and sing to the trees , was a truly wonderful experience , along with an 8 hour gong puja through the night on Saturday .All starting off with Ceredwin 80th birthday on Friday , so blessed that she found it in her heart to join our final circle .

The roof structure was finished and wow how fabulous to look down on the upper oak spokes from our top floor window .
The Lime render has arrived ready for the walls . 

Lots to get on with especially as we have another retreat this weekend . We are blessed that our intentions are coming to fruition, though at times it can seem a little hectic , important to be in balance .      

 And so the beach first thing with the dogs is vital . 
Not long and they will not be allowed on Penbryn until the autumn , so let's truly make hay along with roundhouses , retreats , and joy filled days

    ....... the sun is currently shining ....

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