Saturday, 5 May 2018

World Labyrinth Day Delights

Well here we are  at World Labyrinth Day soon to be walking 'as one at one '

There has been so many other lovely things been happening here this week . The full moon gong bath on Monday , a friend Emma arrived Tuesday afternoon , along with discussing the stained glass windows for the round house earlier that day at Cariad Glass, and a wonderful 60th birthday lunch with another friend . 
Not really sure where the rest of the week went although we did take Emma to Gors Fawr stone circle somewhere between then and now .

We also had a visit from the Bee inspector and all seems well with the hives .

Gardening has been a big part that has filled our time with the grass and heart labyrinths getting a lot of TLC . 

The sedum for the roundhouse roof was delivered yesterday too , and will see some roof top gardening in the coming days .

The fire pit outside the round house has also had some work to it ....... things are gathering momentum

We have the labyrinth walks today and a short sound bath after .
A past seeker has just booked to return at the end of the month , she has found a special place here , just as we did when we first came our prayers and intentions for Gorslwyd Farm and Gwenhwyfar Garden are all being answered.
We have family  arriving today for the bank holiday they will keep us busy over the next couple of days , we have their Celtic birthday trees for them  to plant along the ridge behind  the round house , before the excitement gathers as we prepare for the opening next Thursday .
Oh my word seems a lot to do though time seems somehow to expand here when engaged in such joy filled task . Kairos time -the time of the soul .

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