Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Rubbish , Rocks and Willows.

So today saw us with the beach to ourselves ....such a joy when that happens . The stream had carved huge passageways through the sand , the dogs however were a little unsure which way to cross over .

Along the far end we went picking up some plastic and other debris as we walked . No time for rocks and stones today , rubbish was at the forefront of my mind . 

The dogs found two tennis balls which they happily brought home , along with my small rubbish pile and some rocks Ali has been collecting for the roundhouse fire pit .

The scarlet willow arrived yesterday a gift for our dear friend Ceredwin who will be 80 on Friday and joining the last part of the women of our times retreat . 

This Saturday being Earth day and sing to the trees , Ceredwin will have scarlet willow to plant , the other women's trees have been holding space outside the perimeter of the roundhouse since we blessed the site back in February. 

We will all plant our trees and we will then all be able to sing and bless them as their roots embrace the earth .We shall have a wonderful weekend that's for sure . Weather looking good for our fire ceremony later that day,  and then an all night gong puja . Nice job we have here .........

As if all of this were not enough we have another seeker arriving tomorrow , we hope she will find what she has been missing as she allows Gorslwyd Farm and Gwenhwyfar Garden to  sow their seeds of hope and joy that they are only to happy to do .
Blessed be .

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