Thursday, 5 April 2018

Beautiful beach time

Just back from a lovely trip to the beach . Will not be able to soon , the dogs are not allowed on our favourite beach from May till the end of September , so truly making the most of it and today's weather and the expanse of beach with nobody else around , joyful.

We are back now to get on with some chores outside , roundhouse path way to help with , scalpings on the steps up to the sunroom at the back of Sunflower and painting the newly rendered wall . Always things to do and happy when we can be outside .
We manage our time here a lot  around what the weather brings , it's so organic that way . Naturally there are certain things like meal times etc that are more fixed , but the daily chores of general maintenance etc well they just seem to happen , it's like we work with all the elements and all gets done as it should . So blessed we can have this as a way of life , very different to a lot of peoples life style , and that makes us ever grateful we chose to take on something that has at times seemed a huge commitment . That's when we absolutely have to remember all the help we have from all dimensions , then we get back to a gentle way of being .

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