Wednesday, 14 February 2018

World Sound Healing Day here

So today is Valentine's Day and also World Sound Healing Day . We have a small event at midday planned for the global 'AH ' to ring out here and a short sound bath and lunch to follow . the Welsh weather may deter the even the hardiest from venturing out though. High winds and lashing rain it won't prevent us from holding all past participants and recent gong bath friends in our circle . We had another amazing all night gong puja at the weekend that was transformational as always .

Yesterday saw the arrival of my beautiful beloved mother shawl which will not only wrap around me it will help hold the space during the women's retreat this weekend .

I learned also that I have been accepted on a week long gathering in Brazil to witness the way the spiritist work with patients in some of the clinics over there . 
This is something that has been on my radar for a while now and just happened to drop in my line of sight at a time when a relative has recently moved to Brazil . The divines timing is so incredible , don't really know why I trouble myself questioning it !
The trip will be of great benefit for the work we do here and hopefully we will find time to visit John of God whilst there and some of the Psychic surgeons . Then time for some relaxation to absorb what we are shown .
We are so truly blessed to have been given this place to cherish and care for , we really are just custodians of anything in this realm and to have been chosen to care for such a wonderful piece of heaven still leaves me in awe .

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