Monday, 19 February 2018

Wonderful Women

What an awe-inspiring weekend , the first of the three 'women of our time retreats'  . Oh my , what depth they went to and discovered parts of themselves long forgotten . I really do feel we are following a path that was laid for us somewhere and sometime long ago .

As if to make sure we understood this sacred work two mornings in a row one of our doves sat on the window above our circle while each woman told her story of loves lost,  and love betrayed .
This morning we had two brave brothers join for a short while and form part of the ceremony and ritual on the site of the round house . We placed our trees together on the site , to be planted next month when we gather again .

Fred , designer and main builder of the house and Steve who held the ceremony and will be involved at stages during the build made it such a special time .

When we later gathered again to close our women's circle the feeling of gratitude and belonging was so tangible .

We have decided to offer the chance for friends and past retreatants to sponsor one of the outer round poles 16 in total which form the basis of the round stucture . These Welsh oak poles have been grown not far from us and each will naturally be a significant part of the build . We are asking for £100 per pole which will cover the cost of the pole and it's preparing and fixing in place . For that we will carve your name or a symbol of your choice on it , that you will forever be part of this new roundhouse in West Wales which has long held a tradition of such houses for healing .

All you need to do if this is something you would like to be part of is contact us and pay via this paypal address . We will also invite all sponsors to the opening ceremony when the building is complete .

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