Thursday, 18 October 2018

So many changes!

Such a long time since I last posted.
Oh my things have changed . Some due to the storm at the weekend we now have full ponds where there was drought ! 

Others because the dogs are allowed on the beach again and we have been taking them each day since the beginning of the month.

The paths have been re shaped and laid with scalpings a shame my favourite tree roots are now covered though .

We are planning a new healing room which will hold the crystal bed that we will bring home from Brazil at the end of November after a visit to the spiritist and healing centres there .

We are developing a lot of connections within the compassionate mental health arena , our days filled with helping people in crisis. We feel blessed that we have this little haven here where people are drawn to come and re-centre themselves . Even storm Callum seemed mild over us compared to the devastation around . We did lose two trees though they caused no damage to surrounding areas when they fell .

The peace chamber is coming into its own and we are hoping to have a long term solution to the damp floor in place soon .
Amazing that it's now just a few days until we leave for our adventures in Brazil where I hope to gain great insights watching the healers there in the spiritists centres,  and at John of God's Casa.
We return to the next seeker arriving a week after we arrive home and our women's winter solstice retreat which was such a wonderful experience last time we held it .
We no doubt will be full of new ideas and fresh from our own healing experiences with the spiritists and bringing all we have learned and recieved to pass on to those who come here . What a joy .

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  1. Best wishes for your trip to Brazil sounds looking forward to when I can visit Gorslwyd again. Much love to you all xx


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